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Saturday, September 12, 2009

A special thanks to my fellow BoogieDowners

A little over a year ago I decided that I wanted to let the world know that The Bronx was no longer that nightmare of a place that so many people had believed it to be. Everyone seemed to have given up hope on neighborhoods such as
Melrose, Mott Haven, Port Morris and Morrisania but we never gave up on ourselves. Through organizations such as Nos Quedamos/We Stay and local community activists we were able to take control of our destiny as a neighborhood.

Why am I giving special thanks to my fellow BoogieDowners? Well because one fine day as I was searching for other blogs about The Bronx (there are quite a few) I stumbled upon their blog and I was so impressed and HAPPY that someone finally decided to put the word out about what a truly great borough we live in. Thanks to BoogieDowner, we now have a reliable place on the web to go to for what's going on in the northernmost borough of good ol' NYC. It is updated daily sometimes even 2-3 times a day! What's more is that I was IMPRESSED that they ARE NOT BRONX NATIVES!!! "What did you just say?" you ask in short, yes, The Bronx is for EVERYONE. It is a borough that has a place for you regardless of your socio-economic background. We are truly an equal opportunity borough!

So a big THANKS to ErLu and crew for inspiring me to pursue a blog of my own!!!

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Clarisel said...

Hi vecino, saludos from Bronx Latino.