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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Melrose Murals and the Arts

Over the next few months, Welcome2Melrose will be featuring photographs of local murals as well as works of art by graffiti artists.  While some may disagree that graffiti is not art and is vandalism, it is our goal to open your minds to see it as a form of expression.  Not all forms of graffiti are vandalism...just voices yearning to be heard.  Melrose, along with Mott Haven, Port Morris and Hunts Point, is the heart of the artistic side of the Bronx with such wonderful institutions as Bruckner Bar and Grill which hosts cultural events, BAAD (Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance) over in Hunts Point, Teatro Pregrones, the Bronx Museum of the Arts, Longwood Art Gallery @ Hostos.  Even Coqui Mexicano, a local Puerto Rican-Mexican fusion restaurant, supports the arts by displaying and selling artwork in addition to their fine cuisine.  Then there's PeaceLove Cafe which serves up organic and fair trade coffees and teas, home made desserts like all natural sweet potato pie, bread pudding and amazing ALL NATURAL soups, salads and freshly made sandwiches...with a side of LIVE JAZZ on Friday and Saturday evenings and Poetry on Thursdays from 4:30PM - 7:00PM.  

So you see, Melrose and our surrounding neighborhoods are bursting with the arts in all of its expressions and we just mentioned a fraction of what is available to all of us.

And now for our first picture in our series documenting Melrose Murals and the Arts.

"When it Hits...You Feel No Pain"
Located on E 162nd Street Between Melrose and Courtlandt Avenues
(Click photo for larger image)

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Anonymous said...

Graffiti is great, the South Bronx has some of the best graffiti in the world.