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Friday, February 5, 2010

Melrose Murals

David Gonzalez of the New York Times wrote a most excellent piece on graffiti yesterday, "Graffiti’s Story, From Vandalism to Art to Nostalgia," slide show included. The publishing of the article is rather timely for Welcome2Melrose since we are currently archiving all local works under the Melrose Murals Project.

Today's pictures are from a mural on East 151st Street between Morris and Courtlandt Avenues on the side of a local bodega.  "Gusto" is thanked on the upper right corner of the mural...perhaps the store owner or building owner.


Tommy from the Bronx T-Jo in FL known as T-Lo said...

um hello where's my dad's mural?

Anonymous said...

Melrose has some amazing graffiti. Hope the community continues to embrace it.