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Monday, March 15, 2010

Old Bronx Courthouse on NY1

The Old Bronx Courthouse continues to get some press this time from NY1.  I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Shazia Khan of NY1 and go along for yet another tour of this great landmark building in Melrose.  Let's keep the ideas flowing and the momentum going so that this beauty can finally awaken from her slumber!  


Anonymous said...

The best use of the building is a court house, to restore it to its original purpose. A court house will pay the dollars necessary and ensure the safety of growing Melrose when in session!

Unknown said...

Hey, I lived 200 ft from this building while it was in session for approximately 20 yrs, beatiful building I agree it should be returned to it's original
use. This would enhance the neigborhood, it's massive pilars cleaned up facingthe new architecture. Daniel Betancourt