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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Duane Reade to Occupay Retail Space @ Boricua Village

Passing by Boricua Village the other day, I noticed that there was work going on at retail space of the corner building of Boricua Village at 163rd and 3rd.  One quick glance at the building permits showed that Duane Reade was occupying the entire corner.  One thing we don't have a shortage of in Melrose, other than banks which we have plenty of, are pharmacies.  They can be found in Melrose at least every 4 or 5 blocks so you're never far from one and judging by the size of this new addition to the neighborhood it seems to be a huge one.
Congratulations to Duane Reade on recognizing a need where 700 units are slowly being filled.  Let's see who else opens shop here over the next few months.


sabot said...

Duane Reade has been moving into many areas and doing so with precision marketing. The NY Times covered this opening in Brooklyn ( of a Duane Reade which showed some imagination on the part of the corporation which actually met the "needs" of the community. If they show the same precision in Melrose, could it impact the local bodegas?

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