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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bronx Food Summit - May 1st, 2010

In response to The New York Times article which coined the phrase the "Bronx Paradox", when referring to the dichotomy of South Bronx residents being one of the most obese in the country as well as the hungriest in the nation, Ruben Diaz, Jr immediately responded to the statement by starting the Bronx Food Summit.

The Bronx Food Summit, which is to be held on May 1st, 2010 at Hostos Community College, is an all-day event starting at 9am and ending at 5pm which will connect Bronxites with food justice advocates, schools, community organizations and businesses to have a discussion on what options are available to our borough's residents for healthier eating.  Information will be disseminated through various hands-on workshops and seminars and as an incentive to invite more Bronxites, a FREE HEALTHY LUNCH will be provided.

I know everyone is probably saying, healthy eating in the Bronx?  Well let's not forget three Melrose favorites:  PeaceLove Cafe, the first health food cafe in the South Bronx (let's not forget their poetry slams on Thursdays and live jazz on Fridays and Saturdays), Coqui Mexicano - the Puerto Rican/Mexican fusion spot with a good selection of healthy items (and spontaneous gatherings of musicians playing traditional bomba and plena music of Puerto Rico) and of course the South Bronx Food Cooperative (who is one of the sponsors of the Bronx Food Summit), a community owned and operated alternative to big name and for profit supermarkets.  Organic produce, products and bulk items like rice, pasta, nuts and dried fruit abound and not to mention Yoga classes 3 times a week and free cooking classes Monday evenings at 6:30PM.

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