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Friday, April 2, 2010

New Eatery in Melrose - Pollo Joe Is Here

Yesterday while walking the streets of Melrose on my daily travels I came across a flyer advertising yet another new eatery - POLLO JOE'S GRAND OPENING exclaimed the flyer.  I made a mental note to check out the place especially since it was a block away from me.  So today as luck would have it I was on Elton Avenue between East 153rd and East 154th Street and a sign caught my eye and it read:  "WIN $100"

Living in Melrose most of my life and being the "Mayor" of Melrose I had to check out the what, where, how and whys of this great give-a-way especially considering the state of the local economy.  According to Pollo Joe's, every time you purchase $5.00 or more at the eatery, you get a raffle ticket and each month there is a drawing for the lucky winner of $100.00 cash prize.  That's some serious moola and shows that they really must believe in their menu and food.  Unfortunately I did not have the time to stick around to try some of the food but rest assured I will be back and stay tuned for my review of this latest entry into our growing list of eats in the 'hood.

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Anonymous said...

I ate there ...loved it! Tasty, filling and not hard on my pocket, and they deliver. Highly recommended

Anonymous said...

ate last week very nice people. tacos are really good and so is the blueberry pancakes my friend had burger and said was good to need to go back to win 100