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Monday, November 2, 2009

Phillies Fans Partied on Thursday but Yanks Were Victorious

Walking back home from The Gateway Center at The Bronx Terminal Market and the new waterfront park, Mill Pond, I stumbled across a few Yankees fans from New Hampshire and New Jersey having some fun at a tailgate party as well as a bus load of Phillies fan...too bad the latter came all this way to see their team lose.

Season Ticket holders from New Hampshire...that's real Yankees Love!

Jersey and Staten Island showing their love

Guess he flipped the bird because he already knew they were going to lose that night...

Is that a game of beer pong?  Guess they didn't read the news about the drinking game being banned due to H1N1 aka the Swine Flu. (note: in no way does Welcome to Melrose suggest that anyone here has H1N1!!)

Last night a DJ saved my life...but not the a matter of fact...not Saturday or Sunday night either for that matter.

True Blue!

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