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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

World Series Started Yesterday at the Melrose Station of Metro North

As I waited for the 3:39 train at the Metro North Melrose Station I glimpsed a very bold man walking down towards the platform with a...METS gym bag...but it gets BETTER.  Mr David Patterson (no relation to our governor) said that he is actually a Phillies fan through and through in through - his hometown.  As we boarded the train, a discussion on which team is better ensued.

The VERY bold David Patterson sporting his METS bag - His wife and in-laws are big Mets fans and she got him the bag.

AJ - A diehard Yankees fan has one message and only one message to David, the Phillies and ALL their fans:  "Phillies don't have a chance in hell!"

As you can see the discussion was pretty intense...hand gestures and all

Metro North Conductor listening to the pair discussing their passions...I'm sure it's not the first OR the Last to be heard by him on his train.

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