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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Public Transportation to and From Melrose

For those who live in Melrose we are very lucky in that we have THE best public transportation network in the South Bronx and probably the entire Bronx...I mean...we're not called THE HUB for nothing! (pardon the double negative) Depending on where in Melrose you are you have 3 subway stations each covering a major intersection in and around the neighborhood and they are as follows:

3rd Avenue/149th Street - 2/5 express trains. (Southwest corner of the general Melrose Area)
149th Street/Grand Concourse - 2/4/5 express trains.  (Center of southern boundary of Melrose)
161st Street/River Avenue - 4/B/D trains (In Concourse Village but just a few blocks outside of our general boundary and serves our northern population quite well).

Melrose Metro North Station at East 162nd Street between Park and Courtlandt Avenues.

East 153rd Street Station and River Avenue (right now easily accessible to our neighbors to the west of Park Avenue since our old bridge at East 153rd Street was demolished in 1992. Current plans to rebuild the bridge seem to be in some sort of limbo with no one getting back to me for a more official timeline or if it is going to be built or not.)

Buses: A total of 11 MTA buses as well as 2 Express Buses serve the general Melrose area. The Bus lines are as follows: 1 (stops at Grand Concourse/149th Street as well as 161st street), 2, 4, 6, 13, 15, 17 (149th Street/St. Anns) 19, 21, 32, 41, 55 and BxM 4A and BxM 4B express buses at 161st Street/Grand Concourse.

So wherever you live in Melrose you are within close proximity to Metro North Railroad, Subway, Bus or Express Bus. That neighborhood in know...Williamsburg is stuck with that lousy L train...and J, M, and Z which is abysmal when it comes to service and where do they really take you? At least living in Melrose you can go down the East Side on the 4/5 trains or down the West Side on the 2/B/D trains and all leading to every single major Manhattan neighborhood (with the exception of anything above 155th Street).

Want to plan your morning and evening commutes? Check out MTA's great Trip Planner which can tell you when the next Train, Bus or Express bus is due. You can also access Trip Planner from your mobile phone or device at: or click go to MTA's Mobile Trip Planner webpage to have the link sent straight to your cell phone as a link. For Metro North schedules just go straight to the Metro North Schedule and Fare page where you can check out times as well as fares.

Happy Travels!

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Anonymous said...

An El or at least a light rail is desperately needed down Third Avenue.