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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good Times at the 1st Ever Bronx Blogger Fiesta!

I want to give a big thanks to all of you who showed up to the first ever Bronx Blogger Fiesta. 

When Clarisel Gonzalez of Puerto Rico Sun Communications and Bronx Latino approached me about co-hosting this event, we did not know exactly where this was going to go and how it was going to end up.  Well it went beyond my expectations.  Being that this was the first event of its kind, the positive feedback which I received throughout the night told me that the beat must go on.
Tonight we tapped into only a fraction of the brain power, or as Lance Rios of Being Latino stated, "like-minded progressive people," that reside in The Bronx - can you imagine how much farther we can go if we continue this momentum?  

The Bronx is a wonderful place which we love to call home.  There are so many amazing places and great things to do in the Bronx but we are also not blinded to the darker side of life and the long way we have to go to restore the power and dignity our great borough once possessed. Together, if each and every one of us contributes whatever talents we possess into a larger pool, we can make a difference. Whether it's the passion of Tanya Fields who through grass roots activism is teaching local residents to take control of their environment and food supply, or Richard Izquierdo, MD (aka Doc) who has selflessly given back to his community of Hunts Point for almost 50 years through providing the best healthcare network in the South Bronx (and now first class education to the children of the South Bronx) it can be done.  Each and every individual has started somewhere small and kept the momentum going.  

Thank you once again for attending tonight's event and let's get to work - the borough we love, The Bronx, and its residents, our fellow neighbors, need our help.  

A big special thanks to Gary Axelbank of BronxTalk  and his wife Susan for also taking time out of their busy schedules and joining us.  Jorge I. Montalvo...what can I were amazing and thanks for happily volunteering as were great and of course, Darada David, owner of PeaceLove Cafe for kindly donating the space for tonight's event!

Peace and Love,
Ed Garcia Conde
The "Mayor" of Melrose

Oh and the BoogieDowners sent their regrets for not being able to attend.  They have their hands quite full with their lovely new addition!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I was not able to attend what appears to have been a milestone event and a great success. Keep up the great work.

Peter Seigleman
Metro Valuation Appraisals