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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Community in Action - Cutzone Barbershop Feeds Melrose on Thanksgiving Eve

Cutzone Barbershop on Melrose Avenue between 151st and 152nd Streets in Melrose was out on this cold day providing a free Thanksgiving meal to the community as a way of saying thanks and also to help out those less fortunate who may otherwise not have something to eat tomorrow.  The meal was very Puerto Rican in style with rice and beans, turkey, stuffing and of course pernil (roast pork for those not in the know).  This is what Melrose is about.  As an attorney who lives in Westchester, yesterday said, "Melrose is different from most neighborhoods in the city because it is more like a's boundaries are pretty defined and the community does rally together...there is a cohesion there (Melrose) that is wonderful to be a part of."
Here's a big Melrose THANK YOU to Danny, owner of Cutzone and his staff for giving back to the community.  Today they proved themselves not to just do business here in Melrose but to be part of our wonderful neighborhood.  Thanks also goes out to local resident Danisha, for calling in the tip.  For more on this story, stay tuned to News12 the Bronx as they were on hand to report on this breaking story as well.
Please make sure you patronize Cutzone Barbershop!  We need to support local business who give back to the community!  
Cutzone Barbershop
624 Melrose Avenue
Bronx, NY 10455

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Clarisel said...

Tell Danny to remember to join Facebook and the Bronx Entrepreneurs and Business Network.