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Monday, November 15, 2010

La Fortaleza Spanish Restaurant In Melrose

Does anyone remember the old La Fortaleza Spanish Restaurant which occupied the northeast corner of 3rd Avenue and East 156th Street?
Please do share your memories!



I remember Pueblo...I was just a kid but I remember they sold baked goods and the store was pink. I also remember there was a terrible car crash and I think that is why they closed down. I don't remember Fortaleza that much, not too sure if it was before or after Pueblo but that space was all about the furniture stores for so many years. Ahhh the memories!

NerveRacker said...

Pueblo Bakery And Then La Fortaleza Restaurant Were Owned By My Friend Rodrigo "Julio" Rodriguez. Whose Father Owned The World Famous Ponce De Leon Rest. On 116th Spanish Harlem. His Sister owned Diaz-Tirado Travel Agency Both Rest. were closed because of a joint venture in Puerto Rico.

ElPonceDeLeonRestaurant said...

Hey NerveRacker, came across your post..It's Julio would really like to get in touch with you..I'm on FB Rodrigo Julio Rodriguez